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The following table displays links to some of our favorite Web sites. I would appreciate an e-mail if you find any link listed to be invalid. I'll update the listing or remove outdated sites upon the next modification to this page.

Educational (Science related pages)

These sites are relevant to some of my classes / students /projects at school..

Satellite Overpass Predictor for GLOBE Aerosols measurements

Weather on the Datastreme or WES Home Page

US Official Time Standard

Local Newspaper Articles (Baxter Bulletin)

Ozarks SMSU Environmental Research Collaboration

Earthquakes in past two weeks (Worldwide) (USGS Site)

Norfork Panthers School Web Page

Ruby Throated Hummingbird information/measurements/etc.

Univ of Arkansas at Fayetteville K-12 education resources, catalog of activities and contacts

Powers of 10 (applet)

Exploratorium on-line San Fransisco, 2006

EAST-Lab Center for Advanced Spatial Technology webpage

Science Projects using dataloggers

Aerial Photos / Satellite Images (downloadable to GIS)

Explore Science . com interactive web pages Air Track

Science Clip Art archived

Bull Shoals Lake Reservoir Situation

Extending Scientific Inquiry through Collaborative GIS onsite

Lake Norfork Reservoir Situation

Pathfinder Science . collaborative science on the web

Norfork River Dissolved Oxygen Measurements (June-Dec)

pdf's of graph paper

Norfork Pyranometer Data

Visual Groundwater Model Tank - inexpensive

Build a Pyranometer from a kit . . Purchase a kit

Spare Time pages

If you have nothing better to do; try these site for a few ideas.

National 4-H web site

Custom Puzzles and Crosswords

Youth activity ideas from various 4-H related organizations

State and National Science Organizations and functions

National science education organizations:

National Science Teacher's Association -

National Science Foundation -

National Science Education Standards -

Project 2061 -

American Institute of Physics -

American Chemical Society -

National Association of Biology Teachers -

American Association for the Advancement of Science -

National Academy of Sciences -

NASA Space Link -

National Youth Science Camp -


Arkansas Science Education Organizations:

Arkansas Science Teachers Association -

Arkansas K-12 Science Education List Server -

Arkansas Department of Education - K-12 ADE Frameworks: -

Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality - Education - WET Program

Arkansas Game and Fish Commission - Education - WILD Program

Arkansas State Parks -

Arkansas Geology Commission -

Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission -

Arkansas Native Plant Society -

Arkansas Audubon Society -

Little Rock Zoo -

Arkansas Space Grant Consortium -

Aerospace Education Center and IMAX Theater in Little Rock -

Arkansas Museum of Discovery -

MidAmerica Science Museum - in Hot Springs. A wonderful, hands-on experience.

Central Arkansas Herpetological Society -



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