Globe School Hardware Listing

Weather Station

including wood frame housing, max-min indicator, mercury thermometer and a lab grade calibration thermometer. Door is key locked.

Rainfall Gage

Funnel apparatus with direct reading graduated cylinder and overflow collection cylinder

Cloud Chart - full color wall mounted with cloud identification examples

Soil Test Kit - N-P-K soil qualitative analysis using foil wrapped tablets

Digital pH Meter - battery operated with a bottle of buffered pH 7.00 calibrating solution

Digital TDS Meter - battery operated with a bottle of 447 ppm calibrating solution

Dissolved Oxygen Test Kit - with reagents and titration cylinder

Total Alkalinity Test Kit - with reagents and titration cylinder

Soil Color Identification Kit - booklet with full color tint chips for matching soil color

Soil Auger - for coring a 6 cm diameter hole to a depth of over 1 meter

Meter Tape - 50 meter fiber-glass reinforced cloth measuring tape with handle and handcrank

Hydrometer - lab grade for solutions of s.g. 1.000 - 1.070

Thermometers - Soil Type, dial indicator and lab grade metal enclosed glass with alcohol indicator

Laboratory hardware such as plastic and glass100 ml and 500 ml graduate cylinders, sample containers, 2mm screen sieve, eye droppers, flagging pins

Homemade equipment; inclinometer, collimation device, secci disc, and turbidity tube


Supplies that the school needs to obtain

Distilled water (5 to 10 liters per semester)

Dishwasher Soap (Calgon. Cascade, etc for use as a flocculant in soils testing)

5-10 liter (1 - 2 gallon) bail bucket with rope connected to the bail for water sampling

A one meter long piece of 4 inch diameter PVC drain pipe with two caps for soil sampling

Disposable plastic bags or food storage containers for preserving soil moisture specimens