Photographs of our home.


Here is a picture from the summer of 2001. This is our front yard and driveway as seen from the highway (201) that passes just north of our home.

Another view taken at about the same time. The decorative windmill in the foreground has seen better days. I'll need to fix it sometime.

Here it is as our home looked last February, just after a snowfall of a dozen cm's. (4-5 inches). Quite a difference without leaves on the trees.

Our mailbox at the highway. It makes me feel cold just looking at these photographs.

Finally a view to the east along Highway 201 towards Norfork. The bridge is being replaced with a wider one, so all the trees in the background along the highway right of way are gone. Sometime soon I'll take another.

See, I left room for more here, but then again, I can always add more frames too.

Last updated , 22 Sep 02