How do you do a science fair project?

 A science fair project can be accomplished as a series of steps. Below is a list of steps that have been broken down into one week increments. This will allow you to know when each step must be done so you won't fall behind and have a whole lot to do at the last minute.

Science Fair Project

Problem Statement

18 Jan 02

Research Work

25 Jan 02


1 Feb 02

Design of Experiment / Procedure Project Approval

8 Feb 02

Do experiment / Gather data (Prepare Display Board)

15 Feb 02

Make a Table and Graph of data (Prepare Display Board)

22 Feb 02

Write your Conclusion / (Prepare Display Board)

1 Mar 02

Prepare / Organize your logbook (Prepare Display Board)

8 Mar 02

Norfork Schools Science Fair is on Friday, 8 March 2002

Each topic will be discussed in class during the week that it is due and you will have some class time to either start or to ask questions about what is expected of you.

On Friday of each week, I will ask to see your logbook or worksheet that is due for that week. I will quickly scan the work, discuss how you are doing and how you might improve your work, and return your assignment sheet with a grade for that week. At the end of the project, your science fair project grade will be an average of your weekly grades and the project judges scoresheet found in the rules.

At their discretion, sixth grade students may choose to do a team project with no more that one other sixth grade student. Only sixth grade students may select a human subjects experiment, and then only after careful consideration of the merit and risks to all involved. "Taste testing" will not be allowed and no experimentation will be permitted if anything more than a negligable risk is anticipated. See the science fair rules for clarifcations and answers to any questions that you might ask.