Norfork Schools

Personnel Policy Committee Operating Guidelines

adopted SY 2000-01


1. Purpose: The purpose of all guidelines is to establish the details of committee operations that are within the descretion of local authority. In accordance with state law and Norfork School Board policies, a Personnel Policy Committee (PPC) is established within this district. The following procedures are hereby adopted for use by the PPC immediately after majority approval by the certified staff. Amendments to these guidelines may be adopted at any time by a majority vote of the committee members.

2. Meetings: The PPC will meet in regular session at 3:15 p.m. on the first Wednesday of each month in advance of the Monday School Board Meeting. In those instances where a School Board meeting is postponed until another date, the preceding Wednesday will be the date of the PPC scheduled meeting. The meeting place will alternate annually between the High School and Elementary School Library. Special meetings may be called by the chairperson or by a majority of the committee members.

3. Officers: The officers for the PPC will be the chairperson and secretary, each of whom will be elected by the members during the first meeting of the new school year. Terms of office will be from the first day of school during the current year until the day before school begins the next year. Standing committee assignments (if any) will be made during the first meeting of the new year.

4. Minutes: Minutes of each meeting will be made and circulated by the secretary. Minutes will be posted in both school's and copies will be provided to the Superintendent and each School Board member.

5. Elections: The election of the classroom teacher members of the committee will be conducted in accordance with these guidelines. Administration members will be appointed in accordance with school board policy. Elections will be held on the first teacher work day of the new school year. Three members will be selected from the certified teachers within the elementary building and three members will be selected from within the certified teachers of the high school building. The three teachers with the most number number of votes from each building constitute winners. At least one committee member from the previous year must be elected from each building to insure continuity of purpose. Only certified staff will be allowed to vote. Building administrators shall not appoint nor lobby for the election of any candidate(s).

6. Vacancies: Vacancies of classroom teacher positions on the committee will be filled by appointment by a majority of the remaining classroom teachers on the committee. The appointed member will fill out the remaining term of the vacated position. Death, resignation, extended leave, or an absence at three (3) consecutive scheduled meetings shall constitute a vacancy.

7. Teams: In the event that administrators are appointed to the PPC, separate teams will be formed. The clasroom teachers team will select a spokesperson, as will the administration team. In this case, caucus(es) shall be formed to allow for proposed policy deliberations away from the committee as a whole. The spokesperson shall serve as the leader of each caucus. The results of any such caucus deliberation shall be reported to the committee at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

8. Proposals: Policy proposals may be brought to the committee by the Classroom Teacher Team or the Administrator Team. The proposal will be discussed in an on-going process throughout the year. When there is agreement between the Classroom Teacher Team and the Administrator Team on a particular proposal, it will be forwarded to the Board as a PPC proposal for action. Where agreement cannot be reached between the two teams on a particular proposal, an impasse will be declared. In the event that no Administration Team is empowered, proposals meeting with majority approval of the members will be forwarded to the Board for action. Proposed changes to policy will be made to the School Board by the Chairperson or other designated representative. In the event of an impasse, both spokespersons will present their respective best proposals to the School Board.