The Norfork Public Schools Personnel Policy Manual is amended by Change 5 to include the following:

Paragraph 8 - I. is added.

Sick Leave Reimbursement Prior to T-Drop

I. If an employee has completed the necessary 28 years of service and enters the T-Drop option to continue working, the employee may apply for reimbursement for unused sick leave accumulated by the employee for up to 90% of their total unused sick days at a rate of %50.00 per day. The application must be made to the Superintendent prior to June 30th of the current year. To become eligible for this benefit, the employee must have worked for Norfork School District for the last five (5) consecutive years. It must be understood that if an employee requests payment for unused sick days and continues to work, that these days must be removed from the accumulated total and future paid sick leave must be earned at the rate of one day per month, or greater portion thereof. Days of work missed in the absemce of credited sick leave results in the deduction of the employees pay at their daily rate. This option can only be exercised one time. Employees may still be reimbursed for accumulated days upon finishing their T-Drop participation, as long as the total reimbursement does not exceed 120 days total.

Paragraph 11 - D is amended to make a D.(1). and add D.(2).

National Board Certification Stipend

(2). Norfork Public Schools will provide a $1500.00 stipend to any certified employee who receives National Board Certification. This stipend will be paid during the first year following completion of the process. Norfork Public Schools will also provide an additional $250.00 each year thereafter up to a maximum of $2500.00 per employee. This stipend will be included in the annual contract of the employee, and will be paid in addition to the bonus provided by the State in Act 1803 of 2003.

These actions are pursuant to Board action of 9 February 2007.