Welcome to the Van Drooge side of our
Family Tree

Recently, I have begun collecting old photographs and documents relating to my mothers side of the family. With her help and encouragement (as well as mail / e-mail correspondence with Ellen Van Drooge and her father, Mr. AB Van Drooge of the Netherlands), I will attempt to fill in some blanks left from the period of time since my grandfather's immigration to this country.

The following scanned photographs represent a peek into times of our somewhat distant past. Click on each to view a larger image. Several document images are available on a separate web page.


Philip Hubertus van Drooge
Age: late teens
Date: unknown
Location: probably in Leiden, Netherlands

Philip Hubertus van Drooge
Age: about 20
Date: ca. 1917
Location: probably in Leiden, Netherlands

Philip H. and Ruth (Tryon) van Drooge w/ baby Betty Jean
Age(s): Philip (34), Ruth (unk), Betty (3 months)
Date: January, 1931
Location: Illinois, USA

Maria Johanna (d'Haene) van Drooge and Family
Date: 2 August 1915
Location: Leiden, Netherlands

Betty Jean (van Drooge) Geery and Family
Age(s): Philip (61), Betty (29), Wade (9), Pat (7), Jimmy (6), Mike (4)
Date: ca. July 1959
Location: probably North Carolina, USA

Hubertus Philipus van Drooge
Age: unknown
Date: probably in the late 1800's, prior to his death in 1904
Location: uknown

Maria Johanna (d'Haene) van Drooge and children
Age(s): Maria (unk), Philip (15), Jeanne (10), Hubertus (8)
Date: ca. 1912
Location: probably Leiden, Netherlands

Betty Jean and Philip Tryon van Drooge
Age(s):Betty (5), Philip (1)
Date: ca. fall 1935
Location: probably Illinois, USA


Philip H. van Drooge, emigrated to USA in October 1919, married on 29 August 1927 to Edna Ruth (Tryon)[died in Nov 1957]. Ordained Presbyterian minister 1930, naturalized as a US citizen on 29 April 1926, remarried Annis (Warner) in 1960, died 1965.

First Church, unk, Illinois 1930-1939

Moved to Smithville, Texas 1939-1942

Moved to Alamo, Texas Minister Alamo Community Church 1942-1949

son/ Philip Tryon van Drooge: born 16 Nov 1934, unmarried, died Nov 1957.

dau/ Betty Jean van Drooge: born 11 Oct 1930, married Jerry Lee Geery at the Alamo Community Church, January 1949.

. Children:

Allan Wade: born 25 May 1950, married Betty Sue (King) 8 May 1971
son/ Randall Lee: born 23 Jun 1973
g/dau/ Meghan Elizabeth: born 12 Jan 2000

son/ Travis Wade: born 24 Feb 1976

dau/ Rebecca Kay: born 24 May 1984

dau/ Jessica Sue: born 24 May 1984

Patric Dana: born 11 Dec 1951, married Donna

No Children

James Joseph: born 7 Feb 1953, married Dana

Erica : born

Elliot : born


Michael Sean: born 18 April 1955, married DeAnn (Peebles)

Sean : born

Alyson : born

Jerry L. died in train/vehicle collision 5 May 1955.

Betty Jean Geery graduated from Pan American University, Aug 1958 and was hired as a high school English teacher at Pharr, San Juan, Alamo Independent School District. Moved to Austin, Texas, in June 1962, and was hired as a high school English teacher in the Austin Independent School District in1962. Residence was at 2406 Pruitt Street in Austin, Texas (1962-1965) Remarried to Mr. Jim Box in 1965 and moved to 1627 West Lake Drive just outside Austin, Texas. Divorced in 1969. Remarried Mr. Skeeter Hetzel in May 1972 and moved to 3904 Avenue D, in Austin, Texas. Retired as a school teacher after 28 years in 1986. Moved to 124 Briar Forest Lane, Bastrop, Texas in 1987. Since November 2002, she now lives at this address: Betty J. Hetzel, 3950 Highway 71 East, Apt 316 , Bastrop, Texas 78602