What kind of Science Fair Project is required?


A science fair project is really just an experiment that you choose to conduct and write about.

It is not a demonstration.

It is not a display, although you will display your work at the science fair.

It is not a model, even a working model.


It is an experiment that may either prove or disprove a hypothesis or idea.

To do a science fair project you must choose a topic for your experimentation. Choose something that you are interested in or that you feel comfortable in working with. Each week your teacher will discuss what is needed for each step of the process and you will do the research, experimenting and writing about what you are doing and the results that you see from your experiment. You may make a model to experiment upon and it may be part of your display board; but remember, a science fair project is all about the experimentation that either proves or disproves your hypothesis.

This year, sixth grade students my do team projects with no more than one other sixth grader involved. Projects may also include human subject testing if exacting rules are followed. Sixth grade students may not do such simple projects as probability using dice, the most frequent color of M&M's, or taste testing of any sort.